Escape game is excellent gift


Escape game is excellent gift

Have you ever thought what gift to give as a present for your friend, girlfriend or colleague from work. There would not be anyone in the world who did not seek some gift.

Well we have a solution for you. The ideal solution of this issue is Escape Game – TheBreakOut. Not only your friend will be delighted, but most likely you will play the game with him/her. That means you are going to spend more time with him/her. Together you will use your wit and solve mystery puzzle. And than you will most likely spend great time in a pub discussing the game again and finding out what was actually happening, what brought you to the next hurdle and how it all came together. Simply said you are going to share a new funny memories

Based on popular demand coming from our clients we have set up the possibility to ORDER Gift Certificates. Just contact us on email


and next day you will receive from us a PayPal invoice, which you can pay either via PayPal or via regular credit card. As soon as we’ll receive the payment we will mail you the requested Gift Certificate which your friend will be able to use in our game.

In the email let us know

Your name
Your telephone contact
Name of the person receiving the gift

(another email to which you wish to receive the invoice, unless you want to receive it at the same email as the one you are emailing us the order.)

Gift Certificate

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