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Spy Dictionary

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For players of our Outdoor Escape Game Spy-In-Town, who want to revive the spy terminology, we have prepared spy dictionary. You do not need it to play our game, but every good spy must constantly prepare for their next mission. 🙂



An asset is something that has an intelligence value. This may be the a hacked phone, or even a person can be an asset. For example, a person working for foreign intelligence services, which agreed to share secret.



An Asset (foreign government employee) who is willing to cooperate with an intelligence agency.



A secret operation that can not be attributed to the intelligence organization, which performs its implementation.



Agent, which acts only as a courier between the agent in the field and his commanding officer, mostly in the areas where they are performing intelligence activities.


BURNT (Agent)

Compromised spy



Revealing the true identity of the agent or revealing the true purpose of illegal activity.



Brand new telephone – usually a prepaid card – that can be used by the spy and which is not traceable.



Original real information, but which is not detrimental. This information is provided by one intelligence organization to second intelligence service. Usually through an agent or double agent  and with the aim to show a good intentions.


Cover in Cover

A tactic used to conceal actual activities. Spy admits that he is doing something less serious than espionage and with that downplays suspicious activity that he really makes. For example, he admits that he photographed certain place, but because he has seen a beautiful sunset.


Secret place where agents can pass on secret materials or instructions.



A person who is used once, occasionally or even unconsciously for Intelligence gathering.



Spies learn to watch if they are being watched. This means that the car they are driving is changing lanes frequently and often changes the direction of their driving, to see whether they have someone behind me who is watching them. Or a spy on the street watching for people who look like they might have little interest in what they are doing or people that he have already seen several times.



The agent who investigates obituaries and cemeteries looking for the names of the deceased for further use by agents.



Postcards with harmless messages sent to a neutral country in order to verify the continued safety of undercover operatives (an agent).


In the GAP

If it is imperative that the two spies meeting for a rapid exchange of information and conversation must be ‘in the gap’ of monitoring. This means that no one is watching and they themselves do not have a camera or microphone. Usually just  for a short time of several seconds but no longer than a minute.



Ilegal is a spy working deep undercover. It has no apparent relation to its intelligence service. It operates in the country illegally and alone.



Agent of one organization working for another intelligence agency.



Spy in action without protection or backup




Instead of calling the target by his real name, it’s called  a Rabbit. Rabbit is the target that is being monitored.



Edit material or revise the reports or other document, to avoid identifying the sources and methods of intelligence gathering.



The headpost where from is the espionage activity controlled



Not every information is meaningful and valuable, so each asset must therefore be examined. There is a process that detects that an asset is reliable and useful.