Outdoor Escape Adventure Game – Spy-In-Town


Outdoor Escape Adventure Game – Spy-In-Town

Špionský Slovník

Outdoor Escape Game

TheBreakOut.eu has created a new Outdoor Escape Game for the lovers of Escape Games who wants to also move and explore the downtown.  SpyInTown is a live, puzzle-oriented entertainment walk through the city. The idea is based on Real-Life Escape Room, but it is happening in outdoor setting. Work with your teammates to explore the downtown area, find hidden clues and solve puzzles. You have only 120 minutes to find the final answer and solve the story.


People of all ages and skill sets are welcome, especially those who enjoy puzzles! Imagine that you are playing in center of the city this Spy based Real-Life Escape Game. We are sure the Real-Life Escape Game is a great mental challenge. This specific game will require lots of movement (you will cover at least 5km) as you explore the centre of the town.


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Q&A for the Outdoor Adventure Escape Game

How many people can play in team?

The Outdoor Escape Game is designed for teams of the size 3-6 people. More people can play in team, but if you are interested in good experience then 6 is maximum, so everyone can participate

Is the game good for children?

The The Outdoor Escape Game is better for older kids. We recommend that the minimum age is 14 years but must be accompanied by adult.

Do I need anything special to play the game?

Yes, you need to have a smartphone with QR code reader and internet connectivity (data consumption are very low max 200Kb per game). Without those tools you will not be able to play.

What should I wear?

The SpyInTown is an outdoor game and you are exploring about 5 km on foot (depends also how well you are solving the puzzles) so wear something comfortable.

What happens when it rains?

The SpyInTown is an outdoor game so weather is part of the game. But if you choose to reschedule it we will let you to do that easily.

Can I pay on the spot?

No unfortunately SpyInTown must be purchased through our on-line ordering system/PayPal which enables you to pay with any credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) or PayPal account.

How long will the game last?

We have prepared for you and your team, SMALL and BIG CASE. Small Case takes about 120 minutes to complete the game. Big Case is longer and harder so it can take 2-4 hours of your time. We recommend always to play first the Small Case. You will be more familiar with the Mission orders and will conquer the Big Case much easier than. Also count some time for before the game briefing and some time for discussion after the game.

Will I win some prizes if I solve the game?

The prize for solving all is the priceless moment when you finally find the final solution. Also you’ll be able to say to your friends that you have solved the SpyInTown game and there might not be many of the succesfull as time is short and the puzzles tough.