Try Indoor Geocaching!


The title sounds a bit off. Doesn’t it? But in fact it is a true statement, because Real-Life escape games are like indoor Geocaching and let us explain why, but first things first. What is geocaching? Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS […]

Not only you can ride Harley-Davidson with us, but you can look cool too


TheBreakOut Praha is offering you special promotion in cooperation with the representation of the legendary Harley-Davidson in Prague. Everyone who play in fall our escape game “Charles IV”. will, with purchase over 2,000 CZK, receive a 10% discount at the newly opened store Harley-Davidson at Havelská 25, Prague 1. You can look like tough macho […]

31 BREAKOUT escape games around the world


There are 31 Escape Games in 15 countries around the world with the name Break-out in their name. But first things first. The definition of the word Breakout is, besides other meanings, also this one An escape from a prison, jail, etc. A forceful emergence from a restrictive condition or situation this meaning basically invites […]

Escape Game, dream Teambuilding activity


What is functional team? Many descriptions has been written and can be written about what is a good team and what traits it has. A suggested view is here from the experts of Stanford University. But there are some 6 basic principles which can be observed in team functioning. They are: Excellent communication – the […]

Play TheBreakOut and ride a Harley Davidson


TheBreakOut Praha is offering you a special promo in cooperation with the Prague dealership of legendary motorcycle brand Harley Davidson. Everyone who will come in September to play our Exit Room Game TheBreakOut Charles IV. will receive a discount of 1,000 CZK for rent of the legendary motorcycle at Harley Davidson Rental in Prague. You […]

Escape Game will make you smarter!


Summary. Problem Solving is a key skill for today’s world. A lot of information is going toward our way and we need to process them, understand the problem, make a plan, carry out the plan, check the results and learn from them. Easy said but not as easy to do. Games such as mathematical games […]

Overview of Escape Games in UK


Escape games, puzzle hunts and more in the UK and RoI We have found for you a page with list of Escape Games in UK and Ireland. (link above). When you go there and will want to play Escape Game hopefully this list will help you in your decision making which one to play. We […]

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