Happy Birthday Gift


Happy Birthday!!! Do you or some of your friends have a birthday? There is a “High” chance you do (at least once a year) :-).   We have a present for you. Come to play to our Escape Room or Outdoor Escape Game the week when you have the birthday and get a 20% discount* […]

Escape Room Games – These games are true mystery


Article from Jornal de Noticias Portugal – – 11th of August 2016 Written by Carina Fonseca   SOLVING PUZZLES IN A TEAM TO GET OUT OF A ROOM IN 60 MINUTES IS THE CHALLENGE. SCENARIOS ARE INVOLVING SIMULATION OF KIDNAPPING AND MURDER   Peter Simons, a scientist committed to creating a serum that can protect people from […]

Spy Dictionary


Spy Dictionary   For players of our Outdoor Escape Game Spy-In-Town, who want to revive the spy terminology, we have prepared spy dictionary. You do not need it to play our game, but every good spy must constantly prepare for their next mission. 🙂   ASSET An asset is something that has an intelligence value. […]

Outdoor Escape Game – Spy-In-Town


Outdoor Escape Game – Spy-In-Town has created a new Outdoor Escape Game for the lovers of Escape Games who wants to also move and explore the downtown.  SpyInTown is a live, puzzle-oriented entertainment walk through the city. The idea is based on Real-Life Escape Room, but it is happening in outdoor setting. Work with your teammates […]

We are listed on


  If you are looking for more rooms to play anywhere in the world, you can explore your possibilities on We believe that you will find the resources they have assembled on the website very useful and you will spend less time searching WHERE to play and more time by PLAYING. Enjoy your next […]

Escape Game Industry Overview – 2015


TheBreakOut EU has attempted, together with Research and Consulting agency iAudit International, in January and February 2016 to create a first industry wide overview of the Real-Life Escape Game Industry. Here is a quick summary of the findings in presentation: More information from full report will follow. If you want to receive full report or participate […]

Call for Escape Game Industry Overview


Fill the Industry Overview questionnaire here Dear fellow Escape Game operators. We have contacted you and asked if you give us about 10 minutes and answer 25 questions about the situation on the Escape Game Market. We hope we can jointly make powerful and interesting Industry Overview, which will help all of us with further […]

Will you marry me?


Are you thinking  how to bring up your “Will you marry me” marriage proposal to your “bride-to-be” in an original way? And nothing creative and new has come to your mind? Well we have a great tip for you. John and his, now already “bride-to-be”, like thrill and solving puzzles, enigmas etc. John got idea […]

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