Will you marry me?


Are you thinking  how to bring up your “Will you marry me” marriage proposal to your “bride-to-be” in an original way? And nothing creative and new has come to your mind? Well we have a great tip for you.

John and his, now already “bride-to-be”, like thrill and solving puzzles, enigmas etc. John got idea while thinking how to propose to his girlfriend where to hide the ring and he decided for our escape game.

First he contacted us and agreed if hiding the ring can fit in the game. Since the goal of Charles IV. game is to find Charles lost diamond from crown jewelers it was relatively easy to exchange the crown jewelers for engagement ring.

So, once upon a time ……….
in TheBreakOut’s Charles IV game, two reeves were looking for lost diamond. For a while it seems as they might not find it within the 60 minutes of allocated time and they might be “punished” by the king, but all things turned around. The reeves got out of the locked room, but also she is leaving with a diamond ring on her hand and John was leaving with a promise to marry him

and they live happily ever after …………..


Will You Marry Me in Escape Game