Happy Birthday Gift


Get 20% Discount on our game on your Birthday

Happy Birthday!!!

Do you or some of your friends have a birthday? There is a “High” chance you do (at least once a year) :-).


We have a present for you. Come to play to our Escape Room or Outdoor Escape Game the week when you have the birthday and get a 20% discount* on admission for your group.


Not only you will be delighted, but also your friends, because you will spend time together playing the game. Together you will use your wit and solve mystery puzzle. And than you will most likely spend great time in a pub discussing the game again and finding out what was actually happening, what brought you over that hurdle and how it all came together. Simply said you are going to share a new funny memories.

* Just when you do the booking, select a date within 7 days of your birth date and put in the form “Message” a comment “Happy Birthday”. Than when you’ll come to play bring with you an ID Card with marked date of birth date. Do this and discount will be ready for you. Any additional discount can not be used together, always only one at the time.