What is Escape Room game?

Escape Room game is entertaining thriller game in real-life setting of mysterious room. Your team is exploring the room, uses logic and clues, assembles mechanical riddles to reach to the final of the game – finding Zarco’s secret gift and Breaking Out of the room.
More info about Escape Room Game can be found here.
A great description what you can expect in Real Life Escape Game is here in 3 minute video from CBS New York

Why to come to play Escape Room game?

The Escape Room game is entertaining fun for a group of friends, family with older kids or a group of coworkers. The game builds team spirit and supports teambuilding. Although not all the time the game will be solved it always entertains all the group members and delivers nice memories.

How many people can participate in Escape Room game?

The Escape Room game is designed optimally for 4 players, but it can be played with minimal 2 players and maximum of 5-6 players.

What is the ideal age of players?

The Escape Room game can be played by almost everyone. Important is the desire to solve mysteries, put together clues and live through an hour long entertaining thriller. However the recommended minimum age is 8-10 years old in order to have an entertaining experience for the children. All of less than 18 years old must have together with them at least one 18years older companion. The maximum age restriction does not exist as the game is not physically demanding and only desire to play is necessary.

How can I order the Escape Room game

The Escape Room game must be pre ordered before coming to play. The ordering is done through THIS form.

What is the cost of the game?

The price for whole group is €50 . Ideal is to agree with a group of friend and come to play in 4 to 5 people. Than the price per person is more advantageous.

Can I cancel or reschedule the Escape Room game?

After order and emailed confirmation is not possible to cancel the game. However it is possible to reschedule by using THIS form to a different time and date.

How can I pay for the Escape Room game?

You can pay by PayPal via our payment system, which is part of our ORDER FORM. Or you can pay by cash on the spot.

How the game proceeds? How much time I need?

In order to enjoy the game it is important to arrive about 10 minutes prior the actual beginning of the game (your booking time).  The main game lasts 60 minutes. Than usually 15 minutes after the end of the game you have all the experience discussed with our staff ☺ and you can go for another round of discussions to some nearby pub. So in total you need to allocate about 90 minutes for the game to have a really good enjoyable fun.

Where you can find us?

TheBreakOut Exit Game is located right in the center of old Funchal at Rua da Fábrica 7 R\C 9050-019 Funchal on a ground floor.

It is a easy walk from Anadia shopping (near by the old Farmer’s Market) or from old church in Sé in Funchal. Consult the map and you should find our place easily. Should you need help finding us, call our telephone number, which you have received on your order confirmation.