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We aim to entertain you and your friends. Our mission is “Real life thriller in a Exit Game”. We design and build escape games filled with thrill, mysterious discoveries, logic but most of all with entertainment. We want our games to be the best for you and we encourage you to contact us with any suggestions right after the experience with us or via any popular social contacts

Funchal TheBreakOut Game – Zarko’s Chamber

Want some action and entertainment in Funchal, Madeira? Try Real life Escape Games, Exit Games, Escape room games, Locked room escape or whatever the name for them is. BreakOut is offering you the thrill of escape game in Funchal. You will solve a series of logical puzzles, you will use your wit and solve mystery thriller from the time of the Madeira discoverer Zarco and his secret mission.

Zarco the discoverer of Madeira was about to send a secret message to the Portuguese king João I. In the message he wanted to let the king know, about some SECRETS west from Madeira. He believed there is more to find! The message was hidden in secret box inside a present for the king. But present has disappeared and Zarco is asking knights (cavaleiros) to find the gift. If they will find it he will reward them if not ……….

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