Charles IV. Chamber

Real-Life Escape Game

King Charles IV. ordered new set of crown jewels, but as they should be introduced to the public one of the biggest diamonds disappeared. The king has invited the most experienced reeves (you the players) to solve this mystery. The king is anxious and gave you just 60 minutes to find the missing diamond.

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Can you help the King?


Outdoor Real-Life Escape Game

TheBreakOut Intelligence Agency (BIA) has received through official international channels an information of SPY operating in the city. It remains unknown what is the interest of the SPY but it is of an utmost importance to find what he is looking after so counter operation can take place. All is in your and your team hands.

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Can you avert the threat?

They are called by several names. Could be Escape Games, Exit Game, Escaping Room Game, Escape Room, Escape the room, Real Life Escape Game or Locked Room Game, but the name really does not mater. Fact is that Escape Games are good tip what to do in Prague, as a god tip for a gift or even better a reason to make a trip to Prague and enjoy all Prague has to offer. Here you can find out more what Exit games are about and how to enjoy them most.

Assemble your team and take up the challenge of escaping from one of our Escape Games. Will you successfully manage a series of logical puzzles, enigmas, mysteries and escape from the Chamber before your time runs out?

The BreakOut as a gift

Give the real-life escape game as a gift to your friends and make them happy. They will solve a mistery game from the court of king Charles IV.

How much does it cost?

TheBreakOut will not ruin you. The fee for a group (max. of 6 players) and one game time slot is 1,200 CZK. You can pay by PayPal or cash on the spot

Where are we?

TheBreakOut is located at the heart of old Prague on PETRSKÁ 29, Prague 1.

Escape Game TheBreakOut – Charles IV.

Want some action and entertainment in Prague? Try Real life Escape Games, Exit Games, Escape room games, Locked room escape or whatever the name for them is.
BreakOut is offering you the thrill of escape game in Prague. You will solve a series of logical puzzles, you will use your wit and solve mystery thriller from the court of the Czech King and Holly Roman Emperor Charles IV.

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05.08.2015 Hi, we really enjoyed meeting you and working on your puzzles today. And we love the picture on your Facebook page!
I wish you all the best with your business… we will spread the word to our friends visiting Prague.
It was great!


01.08.2015 "60 minutes of action packed fun"


07.07.2015 Oh yes, we had a great fun with all friends together. This is what we call a Escape Game. Thanks